As professional partners, Martina and Jessica are a pair of innovative childcare experts who value play and individuality in the highest regard.

Both have spent over a decade researching, developing and delivering age-appropriate programming for kids ages zero to ten with a focus on the exploration of creative and individualized education. After years of engaging with hundreds of families and children, we’ve developed a program which provides a unique option for high-quality childcare as well as opportunities for playful parent and child experiences. For us, Little by Little embodies our relationship with children, families and our community and we believe that little by little, we can all grow together.

Jessica Haines

Jessica Haines earned her degree in Creative Writing from North Carolina State University and attained an Early Childhood Montessori Diploma. She has engaged in educational play at Marbles Kids Museum for over 7 cumulative years while also training in a classroom setting in a variety of accredited preschools. Hailing from Monroe, North Carolina, Jessica loves camping, gardening and her Plott hound, Franklin.

“Elisabeth used to have a hard time talking with Mrs. Jess when we first took classes with her. My daughter would hang by my side and not participate in some of the songs. Mrs. Jess cracked the code through music, dance, and one on one play time. Now Elisabeth actively seeks out Mrs. Jess and loves to tell her stories and play with her and the other children in the group.”
-Sarah, parent

Martina Esposito

Martina Esposito holds a degree in Early Childhood Education and has spent the past 11 years inspiring play as an Early Childhood Play Specialist at Marbles Kids Museum. She has had the opportunity to present at the National Association of Young Children Conference as well as at the Association of Children’s Museums Conference. A natural born Argentinian and fluent Spanish speaker, Martina enjoys cooking, engaging in ping-pong tournaments and spending time around the fire pit with her husband and 4-legged child, Indy.

“Mrs. Martina has been a great resource for help learning new ways to handle my very energetic child. She has offered wonderful methods to encourage him to participate and cooperate, while still making it fun.”-Kristin, parent